content management - UX - writer

Clients hire me for the following:

- Content management, SEO and copy writing.

- Web copywriting (landing pages, 'About' pages, product pages, blog posts, etc.)

- Building and managing CMS (Content Management Systems). I do a lot of work with Joomla.

- Analysing UX (User eXperince - design of website interfaces and user journey).

- Reviewing SEO and conversion rates.

- Project management (from design planning to implementation).

- Developing online communities, moderating forums and increasing user engagement.

- A/B testing of web pages.

- Systems design & software analysis.

- Budget negotiations and sales presentations.

- Writing and editing technical manuals and training materials.

- Staff training.

I'm always ready to chat through new projects and ideas. I'm available for both contract and permanent work. Feel free to contact me with enquiries.