Website developer for online communities.

I've been writing prose since schooldays but in the 1990s I discovered coding, too. They seemed like natural bedfellows. When the Internet arrived in force I jumped into learning HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL and PHP. The possibilities of cyberspace seemed excitingly limitless and exploration was addictive. Here was a world one could not just navigate, but help to construct!

In the noughties I was a contributor to various PHP projects, an analyst of website traffic, and lead programmer on EasyAvailability in 2007, an early attempt to make content wholly manageable by those with zero code knowledge. This type of technical background allows me to interact easily with in-house programmers in the companies I work with.

In 2002 I founded, an interactive knowledge portal, social media platform and information exchange for people visiting or living in France. With a dedicated team, using strategies derived from sales/marketing and knowledge management, we developed informative content and built it into the largest online Francophile community on the web. It was bought by French Entrée in 2009 and absorbed into their brand.

Since 2010 I've focussed more on content management, CMS and 'user journey'. Clients hire me to manage content, analyse UX, improve 'sales' conversions (both online and face-to-face) manage projects, improve SEO, train staff, smooth client relationships, and to be the 'techie' interface between their businesses and outside agencies. They also hire me as a writer and copy-editor. For the future, I'm particularly interested in information management, improving user interfaces and predicting/controlling the user journey through changing technologies.

I'm always ready to chat through new projects and ideas. I'm available for both contract and permanent work. Feel free to contact me with enquiries.